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And Having Perhaps the Better Claim
Rating: K+ (Warning - some strong language, maybe 1 word)
Word Count: 2,730
Summary: (Smallville/Highlander crossover) Lex Luthor has an unexpected visitor who tells him some hard truths and offers him a choice.

Harry Potter
Secret Keeper
Rating: T (one curse word?)
Word Count: 1,438
Summary: What if James and Lily had made a different choice for their Secret Keeper?

Seeing It Through
Rating: T (Warning - mention of torture and some of its consequences)
Word Count: 13,122
Summary: When Methos is blinded by another Immortal, Connor and Joe try to convince him that he can still survive.

Magnificent Seven
Seven Hallows' Eve
Rating: K+
Word Count: 9,233
Summary: Mysterious forces are stalking one of the boys on Halloween. Little Britches ATF universe.

War Shorn
Rating: K+ (Warning - some strong language)
Word Count: 5,495
Summary: Chris' truck explodes and Vin is missing...

Anything for You
Rating: K+
Word Count: 546
Summary: Be careful with Merlin... Warnings: Character Death

Asgre s Awydda (Heart's Desire)
Rating: T (Warning - some strong language)
Slash (Gibbs/DiNozzo)
Word Count: 10,869
Summary: Tony is missing, but there's a green eyed cat that just won't leave Gibbs alone...

Rule Number 12
Rating: T (Warning - some violence, case related rape of a young woman, not graphic)
Slash (Gibbs/DiNozzo)
Word Count: 28,390
Summary: (Slight AU) When Detective Anthony DiNozzo rescues a young woman, he soon finds himself embroiled in an NCIS investigation and working alongside Special Agent Gibbs and his team. Question is, can Tony stay alive long enough to help solve the case?

The Rundown
The Stairs, the Paper, and the Cannoli
Rating: T (Warning - some strong language)
Slash (Beck/Travis)
Word Count: 13,248
Summary: Travis finds himself in trouble and Beck helps him pick up the pieces, but will the puzzle fit together once he has?

Sailor Moon
Trust in Your Love
Rating: K
Het (Serena/Darien)
Word Count: 2,194
Summary: First attempt at fan fiction. It was meant to replace the episodes where Sailor Moon is put into a deep sleep by a droid attack and the one where Darien agrees to get back together with her.

Return of the Moon Princess
Rating: K
Het (Usagi/Mamoru)
Word Count: 14,791
Summary: Usagi is injured in an attack and when she wakes up she believes she is still Princess Serenity during the Silver Millenium.

Cast In Darkness
Rating: T
Het (Usagi/Mamoru)
Word Count: 41,224
Summary: With a figure from Princess Serenity's past out to destroy her, Usagi finds she has much to lose, but her entire future to gain.

Time for a Change
Rating: K
General (or possibly pre-slash Clark/Lex)
Word Count: 2,510
Summary: When he's tired of the lies, Lex decides to become someone else. He chooses an identity that seemed to have worked well for Methos. (Not a crossover, I just thought Methos was a character that Lex could appreciate and, since we know he's a geek, I'm sure he watched the Highlander TV Series. ;-) )

Devil Inside
Rating: K+
Slash (Clark/Lex)
Word Count: 5,779
Summary: Concerned that Clark will outgrow him, Lex devises a plan.

A Close Call
Rating: T
Slash (Clark/Lex)
Word Count: 7,942
Summary: Being near Lex again after time apart reignites Clark's feelings for his friend.

Rating: T
Pre-slash (Clark/Lex)
Word Count: 1,796
Summary: Smallville Fix-It

Rating: T
General (or possibly pre-slash Mulder/Krycek)
Word Count: 10,033
Summary: In an alternate universe, the events in the parking garage go down a bit differently...