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4/4/2014 Fan Fiction Added new Harry Potter ficlet--Secret Keeper.
Works in Progress Added the Works in Progress page.
6/1/2010 Music Videos New music video--The Gentlemen (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).
5/31/2010 Music Videos New music video--A Taste of Nero Wolfe (Nero Wolfe A&E).
Reviews Updated Reviews.
10/2/2009 Fan Fiction Added new Magnificent Seven story--War Shorn.
9/25/2009 Fan Fiction Added new Merlin ficlet--Anything for You.
4/21/2009 Reviews Updated Reviews.
10/22/2008 Fan Fiction Added new NCIS story--Rule Number 12.
7/4/2008 Videos Fixed links to videos..
3/24/2008 Fan Fiction Added new NCIS story--Asgre s Awydda (Heart's Desire).
1/31/2008 Fan Fiction Added new Rundown story--The Stairs, the Paper, and the Cannoli.
10/12/2007 Fan Fiction Added new X-Files story--Relapse.
9/14/2007 Reviews Updated Reviews.
9/14/2007 Fan Fiction Added new Sailor Moon story--Cast in Darkness.
4/15/2007 Music Videos New music video--Wicked Game (NCIS).
10/1/2006 Fan Fiction Added new Magnificent Seven story--Seven Hallows' Eve.
7/21/2006 Fan Fiction Added new Smallville story--A Close Call.
10/25/2005 Reviews New movie review--Good Night, and Good Luck.
10/25/2005 Fan Fiction Edited Crossover (SV/HL) story--And Having Perhaps the Better Claim.
10/18/2005 Reviews All new reviews.
10/18/2005 Fan Fiction Added new Crossover (SV/HL) story--And Having Perhaps the Better Claim.
9/19/2005 Anime Music Videos New music video--Bizarre Love Triangle.
7/4/2005 Reviews New movie review--Howl's Moving Castle.
7/2/2005 Reviews All new reviews.
7/2/2005 Wallpapers & Icons Added new Wallpapers & Icons page!
5/3/2005 Fan Fiction Added new Highlander story--Seeing It Through.

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